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Virtual Candle
Our sincerest condolances to your family.
Name: The Hendersons
Date: 01 Aug 21 07:39pm
Virtual Candle
Lord I am in dire need for your help please hear my cry and help, keep me safe and protected from all demons and evil spirits sent my way to harm me, keep me safe in your protective shield so that no harm can come to me and help me to get my status and documents in order. Lord please hear my cry and help me. I need you here with me. Amen.
Name: Robin Bernard
Date: 09 Jul 21 02:22am
Virtual Candle
May God bless his soul
Name: Anand Bakshi
Date: 23 Jun 21 10:00am
Virtual Candle
Plz pray for my wife to change her mind and come back to me. My heart is broken. Please pray for my wife for a good health.
Name: Nebu
Date: 11 Jun 21 04:40am
Virtual Candle
Peace and healing for my father, Lee Cato.
Name: Glory Cato
Date: 05 Jun 21 08:28pm
Virtual Candle
Thank you Blessed Spirit for clarity and resolution with my mother's fear and anger. I know all is well.
Name: Dave
Date: 30 May 21 04:31am
Virtual Candle
:candle: :redc: :redc: :redc: :redc:
Pau al Mon
Name: James
Date: 30 Apr 21 03:59pm
Virtual Candle
:candle: :redc: :longc: :smallc: :crystalc: :2c: :rsc:
Hien Vinh Sang Titi Coby Pepe Willie Peiwei rest in peace
Name: Bach-nga
Date: 18 Apr 21 11:07pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :2c:
Name: J
Date: 16 Apr 21 12:29pm
Virtual Candle
A prayer for the soul...
Name: Meman
Date: 16 Apr 21 12:26am
Virtual Candle
:redc: Remembering All the victims of COVID-19 in Jamaica!
Name: Kara
Date: 05 Apr 21 05:27am
Virtual Candle
:rsc: :rsc: :rsc: :2c: :2c: :crystalc: :redc: :candle:
Name: Xyzzy
Date: 23 Mar 21 10:50pm
Virtual Candle
:candle: :redc: :crystalc: :2c:
Name: Ryan Family
Date: 18 Mar 21 03:46pm
Virtual Candle
Name: Typer King
Date: 17 Mar 21 08:41am
Virtual Candle
Name: Jorge
Date: 13 Feb 21 05:35pm
Virtual Candle
We miss you dearly
Name: Mother
Date: 05 Feb 21 02:55am
Virtual Candle
:redc: :redc: :redc: :longc: :longc: :longc:
Name: Pulanpizda
Date: 03 Feb 21 03:03pm
Virtual Candle
Name: Jason
Date: 02 Jan 21 07:48am
Virtual Candle
:candle: :redc: :longc: :smallc: :crystalc: :2c: :rsc:
Name: Matteo
Date: 21 Dec 20 05:08pm
Virtual Candle
:redc: abundance
Name: Wrap
Date: 29 Nov 20 11:04pm

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