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Virtual Candle
Любой текст 2 слова
Name: Duglasebitrush
Date: 19 Apr 17 09:55am
Virtual Candle
ser libre
Name: Kiko
Date: 01 Apr 17 05:55pm
Virtual Candle
Health improvements and support, healing of Lord, for me please.
Name: Jj
Date: 31 Mar 17 04:39pm
Virtual Candle
:redc: my beloved dead
Name: Sbjw
Date: 24 Mar 17 02:08am
Virtual Candle
Name: Nnnn
Date: 13 Mar 17 07:51pm
Virtual Candle
For support, help, mercy of the Lord!
Name: Affy
Date: 10 Mar 17 08:12pm
Virtual Candle
Need financial help Lord, i need of help,
Name: Timo
Date: 08 Mar 17 07:35pm
Virtual Candle
Lord, grant me a good happy life with the financial means, never to be short in terms of finance. :crystalc: :crystalc: :crystalc:
Name: Alf
Date: 04 Mar 17 04:53pm
Virtual Candle
All I have promised to pray for.
Name: Joel
Date: 04 Mar 17 02:25am
Virtual Candle
Help me God, help me with my health.
Name: A
Date: 03 Mar 17 06:30pm
Virtual Candle
Health help, help me Lord. Fix me.
:2c: :2c: :2c:
Name: A
Date: 02 Mar 17 03:51pm
Virtual Candle
Peace on Earth.
Name: Adam Gringer
Date: 28 Feb 17 06:57pm
Virtual Candle
Financial miracle :candle:
Name: Financial
Date: 26 Feb 17 04:08pm
Virtual Candle
Praying for financial aid. I pray for help.
Name: A.
Date: 17 Feb 17 07:40pm
Virtual Candle
RIP where ever you are
Name: Dad
Date: 04 Jan 17 10:28pm
Virtual Candle
we miss you
Name: Anna
Date: 04 Jan 17 10:26pm
Virtual Candle
Archangel Michael protect me
Name: Margarita
Date: 04 Jan 17 10:10pm
Virtual Candle
Please God Help us
Name: Joe
Date: 18 Dec 16 03:06am
Virtual Candle
Dale Señor el descanso eterno y brille para el la luz perpetua, descanse en paz. Amen.
En mis pensamientos, oraciones y en todo mi ser, te amo y te extraño amor hasta que nos reunamos nuevamente.
Name: Malle
Date: 18 Nov 16 04:44am
Virtual Candle
In the name of Jesus, I plead the blood of Jesus against anyone with less senority from my group staying in Schaumburg and me being sent back to my home location. I decree favor favor and more favor now in the mighty name of Jesus
Name: Nat
Date: 18 Nov 16 12:06am

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